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 World Wide Welding - We repair your trafo oil leaks
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Worldwide welding repair of your transformators leaks.

We are specialized in repairing leaks from "Trafo's" transformators while the oil is still inside off them. We have almost 20 years of experience in this speciality of welding. As the oil can stay inside of the transformator this has several advantages for your company. It's time-saving and cost reducing.

We are one of the few independent contractors in the world skilled in this matter. Our welding services have been asked by multinationals and important industrial firms worldwide. You can see some of our references in the slideshow beneath. On the left you can find more specifications of our activities.
On the photos page you can see examples of our work before and after reparation. Our services also includes revising and maintaining.
We are a Belgian based firm but travel worldwide. We do jobs onshore but also offshore. Repairing and revising seabased windturbines is one of our major activities.

We have all the necessary certificates, vaccinations, survival training to fix your trafo. Feel free to contact us with all your requests.

offshore windturbine

*Welding of oil cooled transformers
 -Welding without draining the oil
 -Minimum disconnection time
 -On site (no transport costs)
 -Onshore and Offshore
 -Also in the top of wind turbines

*Replacement of seals in low/high voltage distribution transformers

*Carbide sampling of oil DGA(Dissolved gas analysis)
 -Standard 1000ml

*Qualitrol's replacement
 -Installing new ones

*DGPT(detection of gas, pressure and temperature) placing

*Repairing damage to tanks
 (flatten, filling, repainting)

 -Transport damage

*Welding adjustments to transformers
 -placing of tankreinforcements
 -placing/fixing of cable boxes

*Placing safety anchorage of armour
 -System structure

*Welding broken screwed rods to insulators

*Replacement of (distribution) insulators
 -High voltage/ Low voltage

*Repainting transformers (trafo's) on site
 -Finishing paint

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